Heidi’s Schedule


 Pilgrimage stopped until we were assured that it is once again safe to travel.
 We’re now planning the following wonderful pilgrimages
2022 May 6 – 15  Pilgrimage to Germany, France and Austria with Father Gallagher to include Oberammergau 
                                2022 November 1-14   Holy Lands of Jordan and Israel with Father Mullaney
 2023. June 15-24  Greece and Turkey with Father Gallagher. Coordinated through Select International Tours
2023 September 10 – 20. Italy with Father Mullaney:
Monte Cassino, Naples, Pompeii, San Giovanni Rotundo, Lanciano, Loretto, Assis and Rome
2023 November 5-17. The Holy Land of Israel.  Details coming in December 2022
Please keep the keepers of the holy shrines in your prayers as they continue to pray for us.
Heidi is a licensed guide in Washington, DC and New York City
She specialized in guiding students until 2020 
and now is back to being focused solely on pilgrimage.
EXCITING NEWS:  As of 2021, Heidi will be working all pilgrimages (except the Holy Land)
through Select International Tours.  
Please  send an email to gvthnks@aol.com to find out Heidi’s current schedule.
May God Bless you, and thanks for your prayers.