Heidi’s Schedule


 Pilgrimage stopped until we were assured that it is once again safe to travel.
 We’re now planning the following wonderful pilgrimages
2022 May 6 – 15  Pilgrimage to Germany, France and Austria with Father Gallagher to include Oberammergau 
                                2022 November 1-14   Holy Lands of Jordan and Israel with Father Mullaney
 2023. June 15-24  Greece and Turkey with Father Gallagher. Coordinated through Select International Tours
Please keep the keepers of the holy shrines in your prayers as they continue to pray for us.
Heidi is a licensed guide in Washington, DC and New York City
She specialized in guiding students until 2020 
and now is back to being focused solely on pilgrimage.
EXCITING NEWS:  As of 2021, Heidi will be working all pilgrimages (except the Holy Land)
through Select International Tours.  
Please  send an email to gvthnks@aol.com to find out Heidi’s current schedule.
May God Bless you, and thanks for your prayers.